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Objectified, the new documentary feature from Gary Hustwit of Helvetica fame, which gets its world premier in March at this year’s SxSW, will include a rare interview with Apple design guru, Englishman Jony Ive (I know, a bit jingoistic, but we have so little to shout about these days). Rarer still, the interview, from whence the above picture came, was filmed inside Apple’s Design Studio. Might not sound like much, but it’s on a par with pulling back the curtain and catching a glimpse of Oz.



Not since Bobby Kennedy ran for the democratic nomination in ’68 has the idea of a particular individual being elected President stirred so many – particularly in the jaded world of creative media – into action. From the primaries to the inauguration, graphic design and photography have been at the centre of capturing, distilling and expressing the Obama feeling. The posters, the photographs and the graffiti, as much as all the viral videos and Twitter feeds, were key to making him larger than life, aspirational and look like a president in waiting even before he’d won the nomination. Where photographs of John McCain made him look folksy, those of Obama made him seem almost god like. The notion of Obama – not just the colour of his skin but his young, dynamic approach – spoke of revolution while the other candidate looked like more of the same. Those looking for a claim on history sensed the opportunity to take their  Kennedy pictures, write their Kennedy stories, to design button badges and posters which just like Kennedy’s would tell future generations that it was the most exciting of times. Obama inspired the best and the most talented and they literally made him history. See for yourself here, here and here.


In an effort to make things look cheerier (and prove that I really am a journalist) I’ve added page scans to all the articles in the journalism section. You’re welcome.



Eames Lounger 1

The Eames Lounger & Ottoman. Charles & Ray Eames at their best, although with so many stunning creations to their name, it’s a tough call. Don’t believe me, look here.


After years of searching the high street and the internet, months of envying those of friends and after sending numerous emails to the manufacturer begging for them to help me in my quest, I am finally the owner of my very own examples of minimalistic, futuristic, cartoonistic Japanese design that is the TagCup. And better still, I bought them in the Selfridge’s sale. Half price. Some things are just meant to be… for everything else there’s perseverance.


The coolest film posters by the greatest graphic designer of the 20th century. Find out more about Saul Bass’s life and work here and here.


If you’ve been to before (as in, in the last year), you’ll notice there have been a few changes. This blog bit is new for a start, and we’ve had the decorators in. There are lots of new features as well, Twitter updates, a Flickr photostream, a tag cloud… Yes, I know, all very web 2.0.

It’s still not finished so don’t expect miracles just yet, but hopefully you’ll like and have reason to come back – there’s a mailing list link and an RSS feed sign-up on the right, so you can stay up-to-date. Before it was all very informative, but a bit dull. Not much happened. Seen it once, you’d seen it a hundred times. Not now. Now it’s new and exciting and up to the minute. If you’re worried about what you might have missed though, used to look like this…

Welcome to the centre of my online digital whatever. Everything from news on current writing projects - one novel and two non-fiction books - to blogs, tweets, photos, Flickr pics, moblogs, videoblogs, writing archives, ghosting, journalism and various other random thoughts, every last bit of it is here.

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