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Eames Lounger 1

The Eames Lounger & Ottoman. Charles & Ray Eames at their best, although with so many stunning creations to their name, it’s a tough call. Don’t believe me, look here.



After years of searching the high street and the internet, months of envying those of friends and after sending numerous emails to the manufacturer begging for them to help me in my quest, I am finally the owner of my very own examples of minimalistic, futuristic, cartoonistic Japanese design that is the TagCup. And better still, I bought them in the Selfridge’s sale. Half price. Some things are just meant to be… for everything else there’s perseverance.


The coolest film posters by the greatest graphic designer of the 20th century. Find out more about Saul Bass’s life and work here and here.


Found this in a charity shop on the way to buy a coffee table. It was in the window. Framed & mounted. £11. Bargain. 


I’m  in love with my shiny new MacBook Pro.

It’s my 5th Apple laptop. My first was a little grey scale PowerBook 150. The internet was a new invention, colour was way out of my price range and the trackball was quite possibly the most exciting thing I’d ever seen in my life. My last Apple laptop was the last PowerBook G4. And when I say last, I mean last. I ordered it online via the Apple Store first week of Jan 2006. Second week of Jan 2006 Apple launched the MacBook Pro. Gutted doesn’t quite cover it. It took a little under two weeks to arrive. By the time it did it was already obsolete. As laptops go it was alright, but it didn’t have the new Intel CoreDuo chip, it was bulky and from the off I knew it wasn’t going to be a classic. My new MacBook Pro on the other hand, this is vintage Apple. In years to come I’ll look back in that misty way I do when I think about my little 150 with its golf ball sized trackball.

I am, totally in love.

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Dan Gennoe

Dan Gennoe is a London based freelance journalist & author. He's written features, interviews and reviews for the likes of Esquire, GQ, Arena, FHM, Q Magazine, Mojo, Red, Time Out, The Independent and The Mail On Sunday. Dan also writes books, both fiction and non-fiction, and has ghost written the odd celebrity biography.

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